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Name: Mako
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Name: Aerith Gainsborough
Series: Final Fantasy VII Compilation
Timeline: Right after leaving helping Cloud back to Sector 7
Canon Resource Links: > Aerith @ the Final Fantasy Wiki
Aerith @Wikipedia

Personality: ~ “I have twenty-three tiny wishes, but you probably won’t remember them all. So, I’m putting them into one: I’d like to spend more time with you.” ~

Aerith is special. She’s grown up knowing that she’s not like the other children. The planet actually speaks to her. She’s been sought after by Shinra’s most elite force, the Turks, for as long as she can remember. But while being special is sometimes polarizing, she doesn’t let it get her down.

She is a generally very happy person despite all of the crap that’s happened in her life: her father dying to protect her and her mother, her mother dying in an attempt to get her to safety, her boyfriend disappearing on a mission and then never returning. All of these things would make a normal person want to break, but not Aerith. She keeps going on, trying to share beauty with the whole of Midgar through her flowers (an idea she got from Zack Fair in the beginning of their relationship.) She’s the one who comforts the others when they’re upset, with varying degrees of success

That’s not to say that she doesn’t get angry or upset. She does. When Cloud—whom she hired to be her bodyguard until she reached her home—tries to sneak off out of Sector 5 without her, she gets angry at her adopted mother, Elmyra, for even forcing the issue and she is very annoyed with Cloud for agreeing with her mother.

She’s also stubborn to a fault. She is used to taking care of herself and living a not-so-easy life in Midgar’s slums. She refuses to let Cloud leave her back home in Sector Five. Not when she’d promised to show him how to get back to Sector Seven. Another instance of her stubbornness is when she leaves the rest of the group in Gongaga after their trek through the Temple of the Ancients. She knows that she’s the only one who can use the White Materia to help stop Sephiroth, but she doesn’t think to ask the others to come with her to make sure all goes well. Because she can do it on her own.

Another defining trait is her ability to troll. She takes pleasure in teasing her friends and comrades. The most famous example of this is how she manages to get Cloud enough items to make a passable girl to get into Don Corneo’s mansion in an attempt to “rescue” Tifa from the Don’s clutches. Another good example is the fact that she likes to tease Tifa over her very apparent crush on Cloud.

But despite being fairly practical (she’s not deceived about what kind of world she’s grown up in), Aerith has one silly fear. She is afraid of the sky. Zack makes fun of her for it, but considering her connect to the planet, it’s not that far-fetched. The sky and the planet are connected but separated and Aerith feels her attachment to the planet very keenly. However, when the party arrives in Junon, she seems to have at least gotten over that fear a little, as she tells Cloud that she wants to ride on the Highwind when they see it in the sky, and she’s very calm when the group hijacks the Tiny Bronco in Rocket Town.

However, when push comes to shove, Aerith will do what she can to help those she loves and the planet, no matter what it is. Even if there’s a chance it might cost her life, she knows that as the last living Cetra (half or not), she’s the only one who can hear what the planet is really saying and how to communicate it to others. It’s her job and she’s not afraid to do it.

Pokémon Information
Affiliation: Breeder
Starter: Flabébé
Password: Atomic Fireball

RP Sample: VR TDM
Victory Road Sample: An open sky stretched above her for the first time since she was a baby a few days old. Her whole life was spent under the roof of a lab or the Plate of Midgar’s slums but now she could breathe in the fresh air. It felt strange to be severed from the ever-present pulse of Gaia, her ancestors no longer whispering in her mind. Instead, everything she knew was replaced by a world of bright colors, cute creatures and a strange but ever-present music. From the second she arrived in this new world, she’d been inundated with sights and sounds she’d never thought possible.

It was scarier than the open sky could ever be.

She’d been a silly girl when she told Zack that the sky scared her. She’d known nothing. The sky was beautiful and wonderful. Being in this world, with Ifalna the Flabébé beside her to help her make her way, was nothing she could have ever thought possible. The freedom she had was beyond words.

She missed her mothers both, certainly, and a part of her mourned for the loss of her connection to her own planet, but she still carried it with her as she traveled and experienced new things every day. The excitement of everything overwhelmed her fear of the unknown and helped her move forward without the past or who she was holding her back.

From the moment she’d left her “hometown” to when she stepped into tall grass for the first time, Aerith had been dazed. She’d reached for her staff when a strange monster-thing (a Pokémon—that’s what that woman had said they were) jumped out at her, but found that it was missing. As was all of the Materia she’d had in her possession. With no way to protect herself, Aerith had been ready to run, until the little flower thing had made a point of her staying and fighting with it.

That had been a few weeks and more than a few battles ago. And while she knew that she would and could fight to keep her and Ifalna safe, it wasn’t her first priority. No, she’d seen a breeder in one of the PokéCenters and after a long talk, she knew what she wanted to do: raise Pokémon. And she was stubborn enough to do it on her own terms and in her own time. If she couldn’t go home just yet, then she would do something sort of like what she’d done there. And maybe, just maybe, she could prove to herself that she could protect someone else for a change!
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