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Gaia's Little Flowers
( Close Friends )

Nagito Komaeda ( hoperulesdespairdrools )
He’s a very strange boy, but Aerith likes him anyway. He seems obsessed not only with his Luck Talent, but with the concept of Hope vs Despair. He thinks Aerith is a Symbol of Hope. She’s helping him work through his self-esteem issues by reminding him that he deserves to have as many friends as he wants and can keep, including her.
Jane Foster ( bifroster )
Jane is a very smart scientist friend that is definitely not like any other scientists Aerith’s ever met. She nearly burned down her own house, but that gave them the chance to have a conversation over breakfast at the hotel.
Regulus Arcturus Black ( snakesroarquietly )
Evidently, they’ve been friends for a while and she’s helped him out with his girlfriend, Jane. He’s a very kind and good person, helping her out when she’s been lost and confused on more than one occasion.
Alice Lidell ( victoriantype )
A very precocious seven year old that Aerith has taken on as a student in both magic and baking. She has an active imagination and is dedicated to learning as much as she can, something that Aerith can definitely get behind.
Ibuki Mioda ( scary-music )
Ibuki is excited about a lot of things. Except books. She has a band and has asked Aerith to help her with it. Aerith finds her funny and fun, but knows there’s something off about Ibuki and Nagito’s relationship.
( Good Acquaintances )

Miles Edgeworth ( frilliance )
He’s a bit stuffy but he’s always been very nice to her. She’d like to get to know him better and help him lighten up some.
Hajime Hinata ( thisisourfuture )
A fellow classmate of both Nagito and Ibuki, Hajime seems fairly put together, especially when compared to the other two Aerith knows. He’s extremely polite and eager to explore.
Mickey Mouse ( takesyoubytheheart )
A mouse king who knows an alternate version of Aerith. She likes to talk to him about all of his adventures as a Keyblade holder and his world.
Giorno Giovanna ( digiorno )
His love of flowers is almost as much as hers. He took the time to teach her how to dance on their first meeting and she thinks he’s very nice and would like to get to know him better if she can.
credit: [community profile] exclusive.
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